Delicate Brilliance of Japanese Art that Provides a Sense of Eternal Beauty

Tomotoshi Hoshino is a superb painter of Japanese art who is resonating the world of art by breathing new life into the hearts and minds of both animate and inanimate objects and creating a world of beauty that differs from what others are capable of. He instills detailed attentiveness into every item of work he produces, and the fact that every item of work contains only his creative methods, only his philosophy, and only his way of thinking enables them to exude an overwhelming aura that makes them instantly recognizable as Hoshino’s paintings.

The level of expression that Hoshino attains through his astute artistic viewpoint leaves a deep impression on everyone who views it. Even subjects that seem rather mundane at a glance, such as wildflowers, take on the aspect of poetry when observed and painted by him. His use of expression converts everyday objects into ultimate art. Only true artists are able to casually select a theme from everything that exists under the sun and provide it with a poetic aspect.

Hoshino faithfully reproduces the things we see every day exactly as they are to carefully express the beauty of each aspect of life, from newly born life through to fading life, without excessive decoration. Armed with preeminent observance capabilities that trace life throughout its entire course, his aspiration to express particular moods and the full depth of their attractiveness is truly amazing.

Concentrating on themes such as ponds, wildflowers and young women in an extremely courteous manner that makes them appear familiar instead of eccentric enables Hoshino to create the inherent and unchanging beauty of the world.

He maintains a deep understanding of not only Japan’s artistic culture but also of Europe’s incredible artistic heritage, and this enables him to delight viewers with a broad array of expression that allows him to include the laws of symmetry and perspective into one work while conjuring up a sense of Japanese woodblock prints in another, even when the theme of both compositions is the same.

And, one other notable aspect of Hoshino’s work is his unique expression of color. There is no doubt that he possesses a rare talent for accurately selecting the optimal colors for converting the images he has in mind into tangible forms.

With his ability to constantly use comparatively tranquil colors while valuing the harmony of nature to create a variety of expressions within a single color, his use of yellows, terracotta and other warm colors leave a strong impression of his attention to detail. These colors are commonly seen within nature, and instill people with heartwarming delight, power and harmony. There is little doubt that through the expression of color, he provides his viewers with important hints to the beauty surrounding us and the magnificence of nature.

Hoshino’s works contain soul. They all exude a unique melody and rhythm and allow us to sense solemn beauty in the same way as classical music.

The attention he pays not only to the complex silhouettes of plants growing from the soil but also to roots and dead branches allows him to cleverly create the true beauty of life. The colors and fine lines used in all of his works speak volumes about Hoshino’s own style of living, while at the same time teaching us about the true beauty of the world.

Curator of the State Hermitage Museum
Aleksey Bogolyubov