Exhibition Report: ART KAOHSIUNG 2022

From November 10th (Thursday) to November 13th (Sunday), 2022, the artist exhibited at the art fair “ART KAOHSIUNG 2022” held in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan’s second-largest city.

Blessed with a favorable climate, Kaohsiung City marked the 10th anniversary of this significant event at “The Pier-2 Art Center.” This complex art space, situated in the Yancheng District and partially in the Gushan District of Kaohsiung City, transformed an old warehouse district into a hub of “avant-garde, experimentation, and innovation” through bold renovations. It has become a popular spot attracting art and culture enthusiasts from both within Taiwan and abroad.

The venue welcomed numerous international art professionals, including the then Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City, Mr. Shih Che, and a Japanese professor from an art university in Yokohama, among other prominent figures from Taiwan. Despite differences in nationality and background, individuals united by their love for art engaged in meaningful exchanges through their works.

The pieces by the artist, appreciated by visitors from Taiwan—a country known for its fondness for Japan—as “somehow nostalgic and captivating,” saw the sale of three items during the exhibition period. These works will continue to convey “the beauty of Japan” in their new “homes.”