Exhibition Report: 2023 New York Solo Exhibition

In the rapidly growing Tribeca area of New York, a hub for contemporary art, a solo exhibition was held at the One Art Space Gallery from April 4th to April 8th, 2023.

Viewing nature as “the supreme teacher” and considering himself a medium connecting “nature” and “art,” his exhibition featured a rich variety of masterpieces, not only capturing the expressive Japanese seasons but also depicting protective deities and Buddhas.

Visitor’s voice:

“The paintings are beautiful. The entire canvas creates a tranquil atmosphere.”
“Please let me know when there will be another exhibition in New York. I would love to visit again.”
“At first glance, the works seem realistic, but they are more than just realistic. The delicate expression techniques elevate what appears real into another dimension of art, making it wonderfully sublime.”

Having gained numerous fans at the “SCOPE Art Show MIAMI BEACH 2022” in December of the previous year, this solo exhibition also captured many hearts, resulting in the sale of 9 pieces, including inquiries made before the exhibition period. A memorable episode from the exhibition was when a couple who purchased 7 pieces invited him to their home, where they spent time discussing art and Japanese culture over champagne.